Alexander Richter



Working with media in any shape is a fulfilling duty with countless possibilities and changing tasks. make the process possible and easy To combine this different shapes into a better one with more interaction and an advanced effect is my goal. Decent use of effects is a hard base which seems little at first but can have a huge effect. Being able to find the balance between using to much and retrieve to hard is a never ending learning process to success and getting away with every mistake you make ... and there are alwys some.

During the work on films and games there are a lot of stages where decisions are made over how to proceed. if it´s possible
we should try
The easiest way is always the known one the one which always had worked ... a recipe of practice. What is always forgotten is that toying is a the main part of creative work. The best ideas come up by doing something completely stupid or showering (lying in bed is quiet good as well). The possibility by trying out ideas and integrate them into the results is always a pleasure and can (sometimes) make a change between good and well results.