• Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd
  • Norberd - The Nerd

Mai 05, 2013


Date 08.10.2012 - 04.04.2013

Duration 6 months

Participation3D - Modeler
3D - Shader
3D - Texturer

Storyboard Artist

Sound Designer
Sound Recorder
Sound Editor


Norberd - The Nerd

animation film


The story of a programming nerd who lives a boring life. After an ordinary day sleeping long and ordering pizza he decides out of the sudden to book a parachute flight. Checking the parachute before the jump should be the resume of the flight.


3D - Modeler: Working mainly on the environment of the film (e.g. island).

3D - Shader: Creating the skin shader for the character (Norberd, Alien and Whale).

3D - Texturer: Creating the texturing for the character and their assets (e.g. parachute bag, clothes etc.).

Editor: Beside putting the images together there was the decision to cut some frames or whole shots which needed to be done to get the right speed.

Storyboard Artist: Creating artwork to specify camera position and angle.

Compositor: Overview over the layer quality. Finding the right way for putting the different render layer together for best result. Working with the other compositor on some effects seeing during the movie (e.g. smoke).

Sound Designer / Recorder / Editior: Recorded most of the sound hearing during the first sequence in Norberds house. (e.g. computer, can, drinking etc.). Creating a sound atmosphere for the film especially at the first sequence where no music is played.