• The 7th Dwarf
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  • The 7th Dwarf
  • The 7th Dwarf
  • The 7th Dwarf
  • The 7th Dwarf
  • The 7th Dwarf

December 20, 2013


Date 01.10.2013 - 28.02.2014

Duration 5 months

Categoryanimation film

ParticipationTechnical Director


The 7th Dwarf

animation film


Just before the twelfth peal of the tower bells on her 18th birthday, Princess Rose still ends up pricking her finger and falling into a deep sleep for 100 years with the entire royal household. Thanks to Bobo, the curse of the evil witch Dellamorta hasactually come to pass.
The dwarfs gather up their courage and set out on the arduous journey to Dellamorta’s fortress to free Jack and bring him back to Rose in the throne hall of Fantabularasa Castle. [Source]

Technical Director

Pipeline:Structuring and programming a pipeline to support the 3D process and making the artist work easier and creative instead of dealing with technical problems. Adding software ergonomic guidelines to current and future frames (rollouts) and making them easier to use and life longer by adding help and report functions.

Lighting Lighting different shots of the film (see image gallery).

Image Overview Creator:A programm which can merge a bunch of pictures into one (20 in 1). It takes just one picture out of every shot to create an overview over the whole film.
This gives artist the opportunity to compare their work with others in the sequence and approach each other´s work in lighting and compositing. A supervisor can use it to get an overview over the project progress.