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March 05, 2013


Date 15.10.2012 - 14.02.2013

Duration 4 months

Director of Photography


Sound Designer/Editor
Music Composor

Casting Director
Production Designer
Subtitle (english)


The Last Day

short film


After a dead woman was found the inspector William Sommerset and the new inspector Dena Mills trying to solve the case. Her last date and her ex-boyfriend are under suspicion or did someone else kill her?
What happened on her last day alive?


Producer:Timing is everything. Getting people and equipment on the right time on the right place together and having an overview over the whole production and knowing what is needed and is needed to be done to getting the project finished.

Director of Photography:Getting in contact with the camera operator and finding the best view for the shot.

Editor:Cutting video and audio, choosing cameras and sounds, finding the speed of the sequence.

Screenwriter:Writing a screenplay for a short film

Compositor:Adding elements and effects to the images.

Sound Designer/Editor:Recording sounds for getting best quality and fitting into the sequence. Adding and cutting sound to create an atmosphere of the sequence.

Music Composor:Creating music customized for the sequence and capturing the emotions and breakpoints with a flow of music.

Casting Director:Finding the right (amateur) actors without any budget.

Production Designer:Finding and preparing the place where to shot.

Subtitle (English):Translating and editing an English subtitle.